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BLS SUMMER MEETING 2017 - Sweden - Öland and Kalmar

12th June 2017 to 18th June 2017

Hönstorp Hazel forest. Photo Tommy Knutsson Alvar limestone: Psora decipiens habitat. Photo Tommy Knutsson

Event Description:

Monday 12th to Sunday 18th June 2017

Organisers – Lars Borg and Ulf Arup


The Great Alvar on the island of Öland in south-east Sweden supports extensive areas of superb calcareous soil-crust and limestone pavement communities. The siliceous boulders are also notable. At 26,000 ha this is one of the largest areas of alvar in the world. Other ecosystems to visit include rich deciduous forests and grazed woodland, for example the big oak forest Ottenbylund in the south of Öland (which, incidentally, is the biggest bird watching station in Sweden), hazel forests, boreal pine and fir forests.

We also plan to visit boreal needle forests on the mainland including a lichen pine forest with a lot of Cladonia species such as Cladonia stellaris.


During the meeting Ulf Arup will give a presentation to the group on his ongoing research on Lecanora.


On the Alvar of Öland there may develop a typical soil crust society with Cladonia symphycarpa, Collema tenax, Fulgensia fulgens, F. bracteata, Psora decipiens, Squamarina lentigera, Toninia sedifolia and usually Verrucaria nigrescens on the small pebbles. Other typical soil lichens include Cladonia macroceras, Flavocetraria nivalis, F. cucullata, Romjularia lurida, and Thamnolia vermicularis. More rare species are Leptogium schraderi and Vulpicida tubulosus. On limestone pavement Aspicila calcarea, A. contorta, Placynthium nigrum, Protoblastenia rupestris, Caloplaca glomerata, C. dichroa, Collema cristatum, C. fuscovirens, C. polycarpon and Squamarina cartilaginea thrives. Clauzadea immersa usually occurs around deep crevices. Rare species include Acarospora cervina, Squamarina gypsacea, Psora vallesiaca, Protoblastenia cyclospora, Aspicilia coronata and Caloplaca dolomiticola.


Meeting Base

The meeting will be residential at Allégården at Kastlösa. Allégården is located between Öland Bridge and Ottenby, about 25 km south of Öland bridge , 50 m from Route 136 , next to Kastlösa church.



Allégården Kastlösa

Kastlösa bygata 2

386 61 Mörbylånga



Telefon: +46 (0) 485-421 75

Mobil: +46 (0) 72-302 21 75

E-mail: info@kastlosa.se

see http://www.kastlosa.se/en/ to look at the facilities.


Accommodation and costs

There are a variety of room types available.

Ölandsgården: Hotel rooms with shower, toilet and TV. Twin rooms. Price 795 SEK /night for one person. 985 SEK/night for two persons. Breakfast included. It is possible to have 3 persons sharing - slightly cheaper.

Norrgården: Twin rooms with toilet. Shower and TV separately. Price 550 SEK/night for one person. 750 SEK/night for two persons. Breakfast included. It is possible to have 3 persons sharing - slightly cheaper.

Hostel rooms with toilet 250SEK/night.(Three beds in every room). Used as single room 400 SEK/night.
Breakfast is not included. It is possible to make breakfast in a communal kitchen.

Free Wi Fi in all rooms and a pool in the garden.


These bed spaces are being held for us until  1st of March 2017. Subject to availability rooms will be able to be booked after this date. 


It is possible to get dinner, ( two dishes 195 SEK) and packed lunch. Advanced notice is needed to take dinner and packed lunch. Evening dinner needs to be ordered by 12 noon. Also advise at the time of booking regarding any special dietary needs.


Note: (£ 1 = 11,57 SEK on the 3rd of April 2016.)


Bookings and payment

A preliminary booking has been made for accommodation. Attendees should make their own reservations directly with Allégården, mentioning that the booking is part of the British Lichen Society group.

Please book by email. It is not possible to book by the Allégården website because the rooms will appear as booked. This is because they have been booked, for the BLS!


Please inform Steve Price, the Field Meetings Secretary (email: fieldmeetings@britishlichensociety.org.uk ) when a room booking has been made and when travel plans have been made inform him of your flight times and when you expect to arrive at Kalmar Station (see Travel below).


Payment for the accommodation is to be made by individuals directly to Allégården. Payment can be made by credit card.



The most convenient transport from the UK is to fly to Kastrup, Copenhagen. From the railway station inside Kastrup there are direct trains once per hour to Kalmar. Rail tickets can be purchased at the station on the day of travel. Train times can be viewed on the website http://www.thetrainline-europe.com and on other websites.


Attendees will be picked-up by minibus at Kalmar railway station. Pick-up times at Kalmar are yet to be decided. This will be determined by the attendees arrival time at Kalmar. Preferably attendees should endeavor to arrive at Kalmar railway station before 18.00.


Having vacated the accommodation first thing on the Sunday18th attendees can be returned to Kalmar railway station. More precise arrangements will be made nearer the time.


The minibus(es) will be available for transport during the meeting. Attendees using the mini-bus(es) will be expected to share the hire costs and fuel. As a guide one minibus (9 persons) for one week costs approx. 6500 SEK or 700 SEK/person + the cost of fuel. This depends on full occupancy of each minibus.


Microscope and meeting room

A meeting room has been reserved for the duration of the meeting for presentations and microscope work. Some microscopes will be provided for our use.

Some chemicals (C & K) will be available for attendees to fill their field-test bottles.


Further details of the programme will be sent out to attendees nearer the time of the meeting.