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BLS WORKSHOP - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew - Lichen Imaging

17th February 2017 Evening to 19th February 2017 Afternoon

Event Description:

Friday 17th (evening) to Sunday 19th February 2017


organiser: Paul Cannon


A weekend workshop on the photographing and imaging of lichens will be held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Topics to be covered will include macro photography, for both field-work and lab-work, and image stacking and manipulation techniques. Some assistance with microscope applications will also be provided.


The minimum equipment needed is a digital camera - SLR or compact. A camera with close focusing and manual focusing is preferred, but the event will help you to get the most out of any type of camera (even a smartphone). Do not buy a camera specially for the meeting (or at least consult the organiser for advice beforehand). It’s better to work with a camera that you are familiar with, even if you don’t know what all of the buttons do.


The number of places on the workshop will be limited. Cost £30 per person. Attendees should book their place with the Field Meetings Secretary, Steve Price, email: fieldmeetings@britishlichensociety.org.uk or by post to Woodlands, Combs Road, Combs, High Peak SK23 9UP and on booking send him £30 per person, cheques payable to 'The British Lichen Society' (not 'BLS' please).


Further details to follow.