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Lichen Club - Dartington

23rd June 2019

Event Description:

Lichen Club

The Glade, North Woods, Dartington, Nr. Totnes, Devon

Sunday 23 June 2019 1.30p.m. until 4 ish.


At lichen club, we will

  • learn to identify different categories of lichen, from samples and images

  • locate and identify some species of lichen in the immediate locality

  • learn the names of up to 10 different species that are common or under threat in our region

  • understand the value of ‘tread lightly on the earth’ especially in relation to lichen

  • share ideas about making lichen maps

  • take photographs for the #lichenwhisperer gallery on Instagram and for the Lichen Whisperers Network on Facebook

  • use lenses to observe micro-details of lichen

  • learn where to access more resources and information about lichens


All are welcome: bring cameras and magnifying lenses of any kind, if you have them.


Cost: by donation for those who can afford, towards the running and expansion of Lichen Club Resources.


contact: Lucy Lepchani, email lucylepchani@mail.com