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Sorby NHS (Sheffield) – Lichen meeting to Anston Stones Wood

28th September 2019, 10:30

Event Description:

Sorby NHS (Sheffield) – Lichen meeting to Anston Stones Wood

Saturday 28 September 2019 (changed from Sat 14 September 2019)

Leader: Steve Price, email: lichenrecords@sorby.org.uk


Anston Stones Wood lies on the permian limestone between Sheffield and Worksop. In addition to the deciduous woodland there are rock outcrops and small areas of heath. The site, well known for it’s richness in other branches of natural history, was last looked at for lichens over 20 years ago so there ought to be quite a few extras for us to find and a few changes for us to note.


Meet at 10.30am in the lay-bye car park on the north side of the A57 at grid ref. SK536828. This is 2km east of South Anston and about 4km west of the outskirts of Worksop.


As usual people with all levels of experience are welcome. Bring a hand-lens, lunch and drinks.


To view a map of the area visit: http://streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=453650&Y=382850&A=Y&Z=115