Coincident Distribution Maps of Lichens Recorded on Ash

The maps reproduced below are based on data derived from the BLS database on 28 November 2012.  The data are  grouped and colour-coded (As shown in the keys to each map) according to number of species (not records) . The figures in brackets are the actual number of 10 km squares for each species frequency class. Note that the absence of a coloured square does not necessarily imply the absence of lichens occurring on ash in that square, but merely that the BLS holds no records of such for that square; host/substrate information is not always provided with species records. Map 1 shows the coincident distribution of ALL lichen species; Map 2 shows the coincident distributions of only those species which have a conservation threat status of: Critically Endangered (CR); Endangered (EN); Vulnerable (VU); Near Threatened (NT) - or for which a substantial proportion of the world population occurs in Britain (International Responsibility - IR).


Map 1. All lichen species occurring on Ash 


Map 2. Those lichen species most threatened occurring on Ash