BLS Lichen Photography Competition

The first BLS Photographic Competition was held in 2014, with the winners announced at the AGM in January 2015. Photographers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels were invited to enter this competition which aimed to showcase the beauty and wonder of lichens. The winning photos were published in the Summer 2015 Bulletin, and they will soon be on this website as well.

There were three categories:


A) Lichens in the Landscape

A lichen related habitat/landscape shot.
Dales Dry Stone Wall - Katherine Knight (Dorset)
Highly Commended:
Lichen Landscape 3 - Teresa Vergara Gonzalez (Santiago)
Cladonia uncialis - Paul Diederich (Luxembourg)
Lichen Desert - Volkma Wirth (Germany)

B) Lichen Portrait

A lichen portrait, either singly or as part of a community. Images taken through a dissecting microscope are allowed.
Parella Island - Michael Dewey (Cumbria)
Highly Commended:
Lichen Graphics - Maxine Putnam (Devon)
On a Misty Seashore - Annin Launis (Helsinki)
Caloplaca maritima - Paul Diederich (Luxembourg)
Tresses of Ramalina - Rebecca Camfield (Edinburgh)

C) Abstract

An artistic or expressionistic photograph – what do lichens mean to you?
Lichen on Flint 1014 - Jan Cassidy (Cambridge)
Highly Commended:
pel-Tiger-a - Tony Holwill (Devon)
Mountains Made Of Lichen - Kantherine Knight (Dorset)
Lichen Applique - Liz Brooke Ward (Gloucestershire)
Haze of Acidophile Lichens on Alder - David Clarke (Cumbria)
Elegantissima III - Volkma Wirth (Germany)
Tsunami - Joel Querellou (Brittany)
The winning entries will later be published in the BLS Bulletin and on the BLS website, and the winning and commended entries will be available to the BLS for use in these and other publications.

Conditions of Entry

  1. One winning entry per category will be awarded.
  2. Up to twelve specially commended entries will be awarded from the pool of entries.
  3. Entries will be accepted between 31st July and 30th November 2014.
  4. Each entrant may submit up to three photographs per category.
  5. The competition is open to all amateur and professional photographers, from any country. Entrants do not have to be members of the Society. Members of the panel of judges are excluded.
  6. Photographs must be the original work of the entrant.
  7. The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges appointed by the BLS.
  8. The judges' decision is final.
  9.  Photographs must be submitted as prints only. Digital image entries will not be accepted.
  10. The photographs may be taken on any type of camera, however we will require the winning and commended entries to be supplied to us by 30th January 2015 in digital form so they can be published.
  11. Prints must be submitted on A4 or 10” x 8” paper, with appropriate margins but un-mounted.
  12. Images may be cropped, but digitally enhanced entries are only accepted in the Abstract category.
  13. Prints may be in landscape or portrait format, and if it is not obvious the word Top should be written on the back to indicate which way up the picture should be viewed.
  14. The back of each print must carry:
    • The name, address and telephone number of the entrant;
    • an appropriate caption;
    • the names of any featured lichens.
  15. We regret that prints cannot be returned.
  16. Each entry should be accompanied by an entry form stating the category for which the photo is entered, its caption and where it was taken. The names of featured lichens should be given if available.
  17. Entries should be posted to: BLS Photography Competition, 24 Avondale Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5HX. Although copyright in these images remains with the entrant, in entering this competition the entrant is giving the British Lichen Society full rights to publish the images in its publications, website, and other materials. The copyright holder will always be acknowledged when this is done.