There is a wealth of published and unpublished literature on lichens in existence, in the form of books, journals, survey reports, conference proceedings, leaflets etc. Much of this is not readily available or easy to track down for lichenologists working outside institutions such as universities, government agencies etc. The BLS offers several means of assistance!

  1. A list of of recently published references to papers and books relating to british lichens is included in each issue of the BLS Bulletin as "Literature Pertaining to British Lichens".
  2. The BLS online bibliographic database. This has limited content at the moment but we intend to expand it rapidly in the near future. (You can also consult the extensive Recent Literature on Lichens database maintained by the New York Botanical Garden
  3. A great deal of useful information is contained in unpublished survey reports written by professional consultants contracted by UK conservation agencies, local authorities etc. Such reports (sometimes referred to as "grey literature") are often difficult to trace, but we have listed many of them in PDF files available for download.  It is also worth checking with your local BLS contact and on the NBN Gateway.