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BLS AGM 2019 FIELD OUTING – Painshill Park, Surrey

27th January 2019

Event Description:

Sunday 27st January 2019

Local organiser: Paul Cannon

A one day field outing will follow the AGM which is being held at Kew Gardens, London. We will be visiting Painshill Park, in Cobham, Surrey. Painshill (https://www.painshill.co.uk/) was established in the eighteenth century as a landscape park by the Hon. Charles Hamilton, and is now being restored by the Painshill Park Trust. It has extensive parkland and wooded areas around a lake, and is filled with follies, including a Gothic Tower, a Turkish Tent, a Ruined Abbey and a quite extraordinary Crystal Grotto. It appears that only a single species of lichen has been reported previously from Painshill. The park is currently threatened by a planned expansion of the M25/A3 interchange, so a lichen survey is particularly opportune.

Painshill Park is situated on Portsmouth Road, Cobham KT11 1AA, about one mile from the M25/A3 interchange. It is around two miles from Cobham & Stoke d’Abernon railway station, and four miles from both Walton-upon-Thames and Weybridge stations. It should be straightforward to take a taxi, but if we can match supply and demand we will try to organize a shuttle service. Train times for the day in question are not yet advertized, but we will aim to meet in the cark park at Painshill at 11.00 AM.

If you are planning to attend – and especially if you are not able to attend the AGM the day before when final details will be advertised – please email Paul Cannon at p.cannon@kew.org or phone/text at 07597 551059.

For maps of the area see: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=509421&Y=160215&A=Y&Z=115