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BLS Lichen Zoom Chat and Improvement Tuesday Group (6.45-)7pm to 8.45pm, every two weeks

27th April 2021 to 22nd June 2021

BLS Lichen Zoom Chat and Improvement Tuesday Group meets (7-9pm) fortnightly: 27 Apr, 11, 25 May, 8, 22 June

BLS Lichen Zoom Chat and Improvement Wednesday Group meets (10am-12 midday) fortnightly: 28 Apr, 12, 26 May, 9, 23 June


A typical session program

1. Arrive and chat / test your pics with Screenshare

2. Introductions

3. Three talks of 2-6 minutes, each followed by questions/comments. Both Beginners and intermediates encouraged to give a talk. Can be on species, habitats, techniques, art.

4. Ten min Break

5. Notice board - publicise events etc

6. Two to four people share photos (c. 2 each) and rest of groups can give comments

7. Discussion


We benefit from:-

Seeing specimens up close

Hearing suggestions from more experienced people in the group

Hearing the words used to describe lichen features - soralia, prothallus etc

Giving talks so we have to prepare pictures, use vocabulary, make it accessible to beginners

Learning to use zoom


We very much welcome more advanced people dropping in from time to time.


email judithallinson22@gmail.com


Note: we currently have space in the Wednesday morning sessions but the Tuesday evening Sessions are almost full. If more volunteer leaders/helpers could be found we could open a session on a different evening.


If interested in helping please email judithallinson22@gmail.com