Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the British Lichen Society gives you access to a wide range of benefits and services:


  • Field Meetings - an opportunity to learn from experienced and expert lichenologists- the best and quickest way to learn to identify lichens in the field;
  • Talks - hear talks by nationally and internationally renowned lichenologists;
  • Courses and Workshops - gain access to those run by the Society and learn about those being organised by other bodies, to help with the identification of particular groups of lichens;
  • Meet other lichenologists - and make friends.

Services for members

  • Access to the Society's Lichen Reference Collection;
  • Access to the Society's Library;
  • Access to referees to help with the identification of specimens;
  • Discounted prices on Society publications etc;
  • Influence on national policy relevant to lichens through the Society and its links with Plantlife, the national agencies (Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage, Natural Resources Wales and Environment Agency), the Royal Society of Biology and other key organisations and pressure groups.


  • The Bulletin - packed with information about lichens, lichenologists and Society events. Published twice a year and free to members.
  • The Lichenologist - the most pretigious scientific journal in the world devoted to lichens. First published in 1958 and now issued six times a year. In addition to hard copy, all issues are available online. Members can subscribe at a special members's rate.


  • Participate in recording the occurrence of lichens worldwide - especially in Great Britain and Ireland;
  • Contribute to the national database of lichen records;
  • Play a part in lichen conservation and monitoring changes in the lichen communities and the natural environment.