Officers of the BLS


Dr. Paul Cannon - President

Paul Cannon has worked in fungal systematics for over half his life, moving over to the Dark Side after completing a PhD on legume classification. His early education at the Commonwealth Mycological Institute (subsequently IMI) included an appreciation that lichens are fungi too, and should be integrated into the overall fungal taxonomic scheme. Most of his professional life has involved studying leaf parasites, but he turned up at the BLS 50th Anniversary Meeting at Nettlecombe in 2008 and unwisely volunteered to become Editor of the Bulletin. The lichen “bug” rapidly took hold, and his current interests revolve around fieldwork, lichen imaging and web development. He now works at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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Dr Rebecca Yahr - Vice President


Past President


Eluned Smith - Council Secretary

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Sandy Coppins - Communications Secretary

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John Skinner - Treasurer

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Dr. Janet Simkin - Recording Scheme, Database and Website

Janet Simkin studied botany at Cambridge but her interest in lichens dates back even further, to a school project on churchyard lichens. She was distracted for a while by a career in software development before returning to academic life to research the ecology of the lichen-rich grasslands contaminated by lead mining. Now a freelance ecologist with a special interest in species-rich grasslands and plant communities, her work involves a fascinating but often confusing mix of research, surveys and teaching. In the BLS she has been involved in developing our database and website.

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Prof. Peter Crittenden - Senior Editor of The Lichenologist

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Bryan Edwards - Conservation Officer and Chair of Conservation Committee

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Fay Newbery - Chair of Education and Promotions Committee

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Maxine Putnam - Bulletin Editor

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Dr. Les Knight - Chair of Data Committee

Les Knight studied geology at Durham University where he went on to gain a PhD in mineralogy. He spent his professional life as a geologist working in the coal, gas and nuclear waste industries. His interest in lichens started literally by accident when his wife hurt her knee when out looking for mosses which prevented them from going on a trekking holiday. Instead they both attended an introductory course on lichens at the Malham Tarn Field Studies Council centre and became hooked.  His main interest is in terrestrial lichens, especially those found in upland regions and those associated with areas of past lead mining.  

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Prof. Mark Seaward - Archivist and Mapping Recorder

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Steve Price – Field Meetings Secretary        

Steve Price worked as a nature reserves officer for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. He first developed an interest in lichens to better understand some of the Peak District oak woodlands in his charge. A product of the Frank Dobson school of lichenology, Steve's interest in lichens developed further through contact with other experienced lichenologists in the BLS and soon became a passion. Steve is the lichen recorder for Derbyshire.

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Richard Brinklow - Herbarium Curator

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Theresa Greenaway - Librarian

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Graham Boswell - Data Protection Officer

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