Local Contacts

If you have just joined the Society, or are considering doing so, you might find it helpful to get in touch with a local BLS member who knows your area and can help you with identification. In some areas there are also active local groups which meet from time to time to record from a particular site or habitat.

Below is a list of members who are willing to be contacted. We also have a network of members who specialise in churchyard lichens and their contact details can be found on the Diocesan Contacts page.


Bedfordshire - Martin Butler (martin_j_butler@talk21.com)

Bristol area - David Hill (davidlichenhill@gmail.com)

Cambridgeshire - Mark Powell (markpowell222@btinternet.com)

Cornwall - Nicola Bacchiu (ngbacciu@gmail.com) and Bob Hodgson (rhodgson@tinyworld.co.uk)

Cumbria - Allan Pentecost, The Old House, Storth Road, Storth, Cumbria, LA7 7NS (allan.pentecost@kcl.ac.uk).

Derbyshire - Steve Price (lichenrecords@sorby.org.uk)

Devon North - Maxine Putnam (maxieput@talktalk.net )

Devon South - Barbara Benfield (bbenfield2@bbmax.co.uk)

Devon West - Bob Hodgson (rhodgson@tinyworld.co.uk)

Dorset - Vince Giavarini (v.giavarini@sky.com), Bryan Edwards (b.edwards695@btinternet.com) and Neil Sanderson (neilsand@dircon.co.uk)

Durham - Doug McCutcheon (doug.mcc@hotmail.co.uk)

Essex – John Skinner (johnskinner082@gmail.com)

Gloucestershire - Juliet Bailey (glos.lichens@gmail.com)

Hampshire - Neil Sanderson (neilsand@dircon.co.uk) and Ken Sandell, 95 Porter Road, Basingstoke, Hants RG22 4JR (contact by post)

Huntingdonshire - Mark Powell (markpowell222@btinternet.com)

Isle of Wight - Colin Pope (colinrpope@gmail.com)

Isles of Scilly - Bryan Edwards (b.edwards@dorsetcc.gov.uk)

Kent - Ishpi Blatchley (ishpi.blatchley@gmail.com)

Leicestershire - Ivan Pedley (ivan.pedley@gmail.com)

Lincolnshire – Mark Seaward (m.r.d.seaward@bradford.ac.uk)

London - John Skinner (johnskinner082@gmail.com)

Nottinghamshire – Peter Crittenden (pdc@nottingham.ac.uk)

Norfolk - Peter Lambley (plambley@aol.com)

Northamptonshire – Ivan Pedley (ivan.pedley@gmail.com) and Mark Powell (markpowell222@btinternet.com)

Northumberland - Janet Simkin (janetsimkin@btinternet.com)

Oxford - Vanessa Winchester 

Rutland – Ivan Pedley (ivan.pedley@gmail.com)

Shropshire - Trevor Duke (trevorduke@aol.com)

Somerset - Pat Wolseley (P.Wolseley@btinternet.com)

Staffordshire – Trevor Duke (trevorduke@aol.com)

Suffolk - Chris Hitch (cjbh.orchldge@freeuk.com)

Surrey – Paul Cannon (p.cannon@kew.org) and David Hawksworth (d.hawksworth@nhm.ac.uk)

Sussex - Simon Davey (srdavey@globalnet.co.uk)

Warwickshire – Ivan Pedley (ivan.pedley@gmail.com)

Wiltshire - Neil Sanderson (neilsand@dircon.co.uk)

Yorkshire - Mark Seaward (m.r.d.seaward@bradford.ac.uk)


All - Steve Chambers (sterilecrust@gmail.com)

Mid Wales - Ray Woods (Raygwoods@aol.com)

South Wales – Alan Orange (alanbiosurveys@outlook.com)

Carmarthenshire - Theresa Greenaway (theresagreenaway@btinternet.com)

Gwynedd - Tony Fletcher (a.fletcherfletcher@btinternet.com)


Angus - Richard Brinklow (herbarium@britishlichensociety.org.uk)

Argyll and western Scotland- Andy Acton (andy.acton.ESM@gmail.com)

Ayrshire - John Douglass (jrdouglass@hotmail.com)

Berwickshire - Brian Coppins (lichensEL@btopenworld.com)

Dumbartonshire - Keith Watson (keith.watson@glasgowlife.org.uk)

Dundee - Richard Brinklow (herbarium@britishlichensociety.org.uk)

Edinburgh and Lothians - Brian Coppins (lichensEL@btopenworld.com)

Glasgow - Keith Watson (keith.watson@glasgowlife.org.uk)

Lanarkshire - John Douglass (jrdouglasslichens@gmail.com) and Keith Watson (keith.watson@glasgowlife.org.uk)

Renfrewshire - John Douglass (jrdouglasslichens@gmail.com) and Keith Watson (keith.watson@glasgowlife.org.uk)

Sutherland - Ian Evans (PandIEVANS@aol.com)


Northern Ireland - Mike Simms (michael.simms@nmni.com)

Republic of Ireland – Irish Lichen Field Club (http://www.lichens.ie)


Many lichenological organizations have their own newsletters, bulletins, or scientific journals as well as web sites.

International Association for Lichenology: the international umbrella association for lichenology, the Newsletter of which should be consulted for a full list of lichenological societies - http://lichenology.org