Local Contacts

If you have just joined the Society or are considering doing so, we will endeavour to put you in touch with a member living in your area with a view to going out into the field together. In some areas there are active local groups which meet from time to time to record from a particular site or habitat.

Below is a list of members who are willing to be contacted. We also have a network of members who specialise in churchyard lichens and their contact details can be found on the Diocesan Contacts page.


Cornwall North – Barbara Hilton (bphilton@eclipse.co.uk)

Cornwall East - Nicola Bacchiu (ngbacciu@gmail.com) and Bob Hodgson (rhodgson@tinyworld.co.uk)

Cornwall West – Peter Lambley (plambley@aol.com)

Bedfordshire - Martin Butler (martin_j_butler@talk21.com)

Bristol area - David Hill (d.j.hill@bris.ac.uk)

Cambridgeshire - Mark Powell (markpowell222@btinternet.com)

Cumbria - Allan Pentecost, The Old House, Storth Road, Storth, Cumbria, LA7 7NS (allan.pentecost@kcl.ac.uk).

Derbyshire - Steve Price (lichenrecords@sorby.org.uk)

Devon North - Maxine Putnam (maxieput@talktalk.net )

Devon South - Barbara Benfield (bbenfield2@bbmax.co.uk)

Devon West - Bob Hodgson (rhodgson@tinyworld.co.uk)

Dorset - Vince Giavarini (v.giavarini@sky.com), Bryan Edwards (b.edwards@dorsetcc.gov.uk) and Neil Sanderson (neilsand@dircon.co.uk)

Durham - Doug McCutcheon (doug.mcc@hotmail.co.uk)

Essex – John Skinner (treasurer@britishlichensociety.org.uk) and Peter Earland-Bennett, 44, Sherwood Way, Southend-on-Sea. Essex SS2 4SR (contact by post)

Gloucestershire - Juliet Bailey (glos.lichens@gmail.com)

Hampshire - Neil Sanderson (neilsand@dircon.co.uk) and Ken Sandell, 95 Porter Road, Basingstoke, Hants RG22 4JR (contact by post)

Huntingdonshire - Mark Powell (markpowell222@btinternet.com)

Isle of Wight - Colin Pope (colinpope@colinpope.plus.com)

Isles of Scilly - Bryan Edwards (b.edwards@dorsetcc.gov.uk)

Kent - Ishpi Blatchley (ishpi.blatchley@gmail.com)

Leicestershire - Ivan Pedley (ivan.pedley@gmail.com)

Lincolnshire – Mark Seaward (m.r.d.seaward@bradford.ac.uk)

London - John Skinner (treasurer@britishlichensociety.org.uk)

Lundy – Ann Allen (maallen@eclipse.co.uk)

Nottingham – Peter Crittenden (pdc@nottingham.ac.uk)

Norfolk - Peter Lambley (plambley@aol.com)

Northamptonshire – Ivan Pedley (ivan.pedley@gmail.com) and Mark Powell (markpowell222@btinternet.com)

Northumberland - Janet Simkin (janetsimkin@btinternet.com)

Oxford - Vanessa Winchester (vanessa.winchester@geography.oxford.ac.uk)

Rutland – Ivan Pedley (ivan.pedley@gmail.com)

Shropshire - Trevor Duke (trevorduke@aol.com)

Somerset - Pat Wolseley (P.Wolseley@btinternet.com)

Staffordshire – Trevor Duke (trevorduke@aol.com)

Suffolk - Chris Hitch (cjbh.orchldge@freeuk.com)

Surrey – Paul Cannon (p.cannon@kew.org) and David Hawksworth (d.hawksworth@nhm.ac.uk)

Sussex - Simon Davey (srdavey@globalnet.co.uk)

Warwickshire – Ivan Pedley (ivan.pedley@gmail.com)

Wiltshire - Lesley Balfe (lesleybalfe9@btinternet.com) and Neil Sanderson (neilsand@dircon.co.uk)

Yorkshire - Mark Seaward (m.r.d.seaward@bradford.ac.uk)


All - Steve Chambers (sterilecrust@gmail.com)

Mid Wales - Ray Woods (Raygwoods@aol.com)

South Wales – Alan Orange (alanbiosurveys@outlook.com)

Carmarthenshire - Theresa Greenaway (theresagreenaway@btinternet.com)

Gwynedd - Tony Fletcher (a.fletcherfletcher@btinternet.com)


Angus - Richard Brinklow (herbarium@britishlichensociety.org.uk)

Argyll - Andy Acton (andy.acton.ESM@gmail.com)

Ayrshire - John Douglass (jrdouglass@hotmail.com)

Berwickshire - Brian Coppins (lichensEL@btopenworld.com)

Dumbartonshire - Keith Watson (keith.watson@glasgowlife.org.uk)

Dundee - Richard Brinklow (herbarium@britishlichensociety.org.uk)

Edinburgh - Brian Coppins (lichensEL@btopenworld.com)

Fife - Peder Aspen (paspen@tiscali.co.uk)

Glasgow - Keith Watson (keith.watson@glasgowlife.org.uk)

Lanarkshire - John Douglass (jrdouglasslichens@gmail.com) and Keith Watson (keith.watson@glasgowlife.org.uk)

Lothians - Brian Coppins (lichensEL@btopenworld.com)

Renfrewshire - John Douglass (jrdouglasslichens@gmail.com) and Keith Watson (keith.watson@glasgowlife.org.uk)

Sutherland - Ian Evans (PandIEVANS@aol.com)


Northern Ireland - Mike Simms (michael.simms@nmni.com)

Republic of Ireland – Irish Lichen Field Club (http://www.lichens.ie)

Channel Isles

Channel Islands - Ann Allen (maallen@eclipse.co.uk)


Many lichenological organizations have their own newsletters, bulletins, or scientific journals as well as web sites.

International Association for Lichenology: the international umbrella association for lichenology, the Newsletter of which should be consulted for a full list of lichenological societies - http://lichenology.org