BLS Events Calendar

Below is a listing in date order of events organised by, or relevant to, the British Lichen Society - field meetings, workshops, committee meetings etc. Please note that only those meetings shown as BLS meetings are put on by the society and covered by our insurance. All other meetings are the responsibility of their organiser. Requests for events to be added to the Events Calendar should be sent to the BLS Field Meetings Secretary, email

Most BLS meetings and workshops are open to all members and prospective members, regardless of level of experience. All that is required is enthusiasm about lichens! Occasionally a meeting is targeted to a particular, more specialised group, but that will be made clear in the information provided for that event.

By default the list shows all upcoming events. You can filter to show only particular event types and/or individual years. Use the select box at the top-left to filter by Event Type, and change the entry under Year to filter by a different year. Then click on "Go". You can make multiple selections for Event Type by holding down the Ctrl key whilst clicking on as many items as you require - deselect by the same method. Click "Reset" to return to the default display. You can also download full events programmes as PDFs.

Event Name Date
BLS FIELD MEETINGS AND WORKSHOPS 2020 - pdf download November 2019
PREVIOUS BLS FIELD MEETINGS AND WORKSHOPS - a catalogue - pdf download December 2019
BLS AGM and RBGE BRITISH LICHEN CONFERENCE 2020 31st January 2020, 17:30 to 2nd February 2020 Afternoon
BLS AGM 2020 - Field Outing - Arniston House 2nd February 2020
BLS WINTER WORKSHOP 2020 – Cloughton, Scarborough 6th March 2020 to 8th March 2020
FSC Course - Introducing Lichens, FSC Epping Forest 21st March 2020, 09:30
CANCELLED - Sorby NHS (Sheffield) - Wentworth Castle Gardens and Parkland 26th March 2020, 10:30
FSC course - Lichens of Pembrokeshire, FSC Orielton 15th April 2020, 17:30 to 19th April 2020, 09:00
CANCELLED - Sorby NHS (Sheffield) - Roche Abbey, Maltby 18th April 2020, 10:30
FSC Course - Learn to Love Lichens, FSC Greenwich Park 25th April 2020, 09:30
FSC Course - Coastal Lichens, FSC Millport 1st May 2020, 18:00 to 4th May 2020, 09:00
CANCELLED - BLS SPRING MEETING 2020 – North Harris, Outer Hebrides 2nd May 2020 to 9th May 2020
FSC Course - Lichens in the Dales, FSC Malham Tarn 8th May 2020, 16:00 to 11th May 2020, 15:00
FSC Course - BLS Introduction to Lichens, FSC Malham Tarn 30th May 2020, 10:00
CANCELLED - Sorby NHS (Sheffield) - Digley Reservoir, Holmefirth (advanced notice) 6th June 2020 Day time
FSC Course - BLS Introducing Lichens, FSC Preston Montford 13th June 2020, 10:00
FSC Course - Field ID of Lichens, FSC Greenwich Park 13th June 2020, 09:30
CANCELLED - Sorby NHS (Sheffield) - Long Dale, Friden (advanced notice) 4th July 2020 Day time
CANCELLED - BLS SUMMER MEETING 2020 – Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales 11th July 2020 to 18th July 2020
BLS RECORDING MEETING – Bredon Hill, Worcestershire (advanced notice) Summer 2020