Distribution Maps

Distribution maps for all the British species of lichens and lichenicolous fungi are available here. These are generally more up to date than those on the NBN Atlas, and in time we also hope to add detailed species accounts. Only a few of these have been written so far (see, for example, the account for Lobaria virens.), but similar information is available on other websites and there are more technical accounts for many species on the Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland website https://fungi.myspecies.info/

We try to update the distribution maps whenever there are significant changes. If you need the current map for any taxon please ask records@britishlichensociety.org.uk, and we will email it to you. We can also supply maps for smaller areas at higher resolution, and datasets to use yourself in DMAP or GIS.

More info: Species descriptions for some of our more common lichens and lichenicolous fungi that grow on some lichens.

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