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(See also Lichens for Absolute Beginners - LABS - Lower down )

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Judith Allinson writes:

In October 2020 two separate Lichen Chat and Improvement Groups commenced meeting by Zoom fortnightly, 7pm on Tuesday evenings and 10am Wednesday mornings

These will be relaunched in October 12th and 13th 2021. If you are interested in joining in one of these groups, or have questions, or need to have a practice session using Zoom before the meeting,  please contact as soon as possible.

We welcome new participants - whether you are experienced or just a post-beginner. They are run for members of the Society but we very much welcome non members in the hope that you might join someday soon. 

As an example a 2 hour meeting might include:

1. Chat, or breakout groups for chat;
2. Three people give short 2-10 minute presentations each followed by a period of 5 minutes discussion.
3. Five minute coffee break
4. Opportunity for announcements
5. People show pictures of lichens they would like to ask advice about.
6. Discussion

The meetings are a serendipidy but it amazes me what interesting things we learn because such different people attend, including several BLS members from abroad. The computer screen is an excellent way of showing and examining details of lichens. I hope that every participant will deliver at least one presentation, (even if just a short 2 minute one about a lichen outside their back door or on their apple tree) over the autumn term.  There are two separate groups: the Tuesday Evening Group and the Wednesday Morning Group.

Dates 2021:  Tuesdays 7pm; Wednesdays 10am
12,13 Oct  
26, 27 Oct
9,10 Nov
23, 24 Nov
7,8 Dec.

There are also the last of the monthly summer LCIG meetings on 14,15 September which you might like to attend too



LABs groups - Lichens for Absolute Beginners

Some people at the LCIG groups were very much beginners. So we started some extra "tutorial" groups with just 4-8 people in them, at different times during the week - shorter sessions - aimed at beginners, to explain and practise using the language in describing lichens.  These ran for between 8 and 16 weeks according to the interests of the group.

We plan to have two new LABS groups start in early October - Dates to be announced. If you are interested in attending one of these as well as or instead of the LCIG group, please email


Beginners may also be interested in the  "Learn the Language" short online unit of the BLS which can be carried out independently or with the help of a volunteer BLS tutor.