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Dobson 7th edn
Catalogue No.: 0

Lichens – An Illustrated Guide to the British and Irish Species

Frank S. Dobson (7th edition 2018). 496pp.

This new seventh edition was published in June 2018. It provides a description and illustration of most of the species likely to be found in Great Britain and Ireland, those excluded being very rare or local. It has been fully revised and updated, and uses the new species names accepted since the publication of Lichens of Great Britain & Ireland (2009). Mark Powell has added a valuable new section on lichenicolous fungi found on Xanthoria and Physcia.

The book is produced jointly by Richmond Publishing and the British Lichen Society, and there is a special offer price for BLS members if the book is ordered from Richmond Press using this form.

Price: Paperback £30 members, £35 non-members. Hardback £45 members, £50 non-members
Postage & packing: £5.00 UK; £12.00 Europe
Catalogue No.: 1

The Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland

Ed. Smith et al. (2009). Hardback, 700pp.

This work, a much enlarged revision of ‘The Lichen Flora of Great Britain and Ireland' published in 1992, reflects the enormous advances in lichen taxonomy over the last two decades and is the standard work for the identification of lichens in Great Britain and Ireland. There are keys to 327 genera and 1873 species, with detailed descriptions and information on chemistry and distributions. The language is accessible, avoiding obscure terminology, and the keys are elegant. This book is indispensable to all serious students of lichens and to other biologists working in the related fields of ecology, pollution, chemical and environmental studies.  

Now back in print!

Price: £45 BLS members; £65 non-members
Postage & packing: £10 UK; £15 overseas
BLS Atlas Fascicles
Catalogue No.: 7

Lichen Atlas of the British Isles - Fascicles 3 - 6

Ed. M.R.D. Seaward

The Atlas has been published in fascicles, unbound A4 sheets hole-punched for keeping in a ring binder. Each species account includes a distribution map and a discussion of the lichen’s habitat, ecology, identification and status.

Fascicles 1 (1995) and 2 (Cladonia part 1 (59 spp) 1996) are out of print.

Catalogue No. 3. Fascicle 3: The foliose Physciaceae (Anaptychia, Heterodermia, Hyperphyscia, Phaeophyscia, Physcia, Tornabea) plus Arctomia, Lobaria, Massalongia, Pseudocyphellaria, Psoroma, Solorina, Sticta and Teloschistes. (54 spp) 1998.

Catalogue No. 4. Fascicle 4: Cavernularia, Degelia, Lepraria, Leproloma, Moelleropsis, Pannaria, Parmeliella. (36 spp) 1999.

Catalogue No. 5. Fascicle 5: Aquatic Lichens and Cladonia part 2. (64 spp). 2000.

Catalogue No. 6. Fascicle 6: Caloplaca. (58 spp) 2001.

Fascicles 3-6 are offered separately to BLS members and non-members at a special price of £3.00 each (approximately half price). Postage & Packing per fascicle £3.50 UK; 10.00 Europe. Or buy them all together as

Catalogue No. 7. Fascicles 3 to 6, BLS members and non-members £9.00 (buy three, get one free!). Postage and packing £8.50 UK, £25.00 Europe.

Catalogue No.: 8

Microchemical Methods for the Identification of Lichens

A. Orange (2010). 2nd edition, with two colour plates

Full of useful information on pigments, crystals, colour tests with reagents and thin-layer chromatography (TLC).

Price: BLS members £8.00; non-members £10.00
Postage & packing: £3.50 UK; £8.50 Europe
Lichen Conservation Evaluation - Cover
Catalogue No.: 9

A Conservation Evaluation of British Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi

R.G. Woods and B.J. Coppins (2nd edition 2012)

An essential reference for anyone trying to assess a habitat when presented with a lichen species list. This is essentially a directory of all British lichens and many lichenicolous fungi with their conservation status and  with notes on particular species. 

This revised edition comprises No. 13 in the JNCC "Species Status" series and can be downloaded from the JNCC website.  A small number of printed copies are also available (see below for pricing).

Price: £7.00
Postage & packing: £5.00 UK; £10.00 Europe
Catalogue No.: 10

Surveying and Report Writing for Lichenologists

Ed. D.J. Hill (2006)

Guidelines on commissioning surveys, fieldwork, identification and report writing, aimed principally at those people and organisations commissioning surveys and at those undertaking them. However, much of the information is of value to any lichenologist engaged in field recording.

Price: BLS members £7.00; non-members £10.00
Postage & packing: £2.50 UK; £6.50 Europe
Usnea Aide Memoire
Catalogue No.: 13

Usnea "Aide Memoire"

P.W. James (2003)

An A5 booklet with drawings and many useful tips for identifying the British species of this difficult genus.


Price: BLS members £2.00; non-members £3.00
Postage & packing: £1.50 UK; £2.50 Europe
The Lichen Hunters - Cover
Catalogue No.: 14

The Lichen Hunters

O.L. Gilbert (2004). Hardback, 208pp.

If you have been on any lichen field meetings in the last fifty years, this is a book you will enjoy. The late Oliver Gilbert’s boundless enthusiasm comes across in every page as he describes field meetings and explorations around Britain. Many past and present members of the Society are fondly remembered in this delightful book.

Price: Special price, now only £6.00
Postage & packing: £4.50 UK; £10.50 Europe
Catalogue No.: 15

Understanding Lichens

George Baron (1999). paperback, 92pp.

An excellent introduction to lichenology, from the basic biology of lichens to their environmental importance and the history of the science.

Price: BLS members £8.95; non-members £9.95
Postage & packing: £2.50 UK; £6.50 Europe
Catalogue No.: 16

A Field Key to Common Churchyard Lichens

Frank S. Dobson (2003)

Spiral-bound book with strong paper. Illustrated keys to lichens of stone, wooden structures, soil and mosses. 53 colour photographs. Covers many common lowland lichens.

Price: BLS members £6.50; non-members £7.50
Postage & packing: £2.50 UK; £6.50 Europe