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Recording Cards

The General card can be used for most habitats, including churchyards, so long as there is little information on species substrates to be added. For more detailed recording most people use a notebook before transcribing the records to the BLS spreadsheet for import to the database, and this approach is encouraged.

The Churchyard card is for detailed churchyard surveys only, and the Lobarion card is to be used only for that project.

Taxon names on these cards are as published in 2013, they have not yet been updated.

Recording Spreadsheets

The General recording spreadsheet can be used for all habitats, including churchyards. This version has been updated to use taxon names published in the Bulletin up to November 2017 with their older synonyms, and a further update to the 2019 species dictionary will be available soon. This spreadsheet is available in two formats, the .xlsx format should be used unless your version of excel is too old to handle it.  

The Churchyard spreadsheet is set up to correspond to the churchyard card and is to be used for detailed recording of churchyards and burial grounds only. The taxon dictionary is very out of date, and churchyard recorders are encouraged to use the General spreadsheet instead if possible, with scale habitat codes to note the position (church, yard or boundary wall) and substrate.. 

Useful information

Useful information to assist with lichen identification and recording, including the latest list of corrections to the Lichens of Great Britain & Ireland (LGB&I). The download 'Corrections' lists simple errors in the LGB&I. Only one page of the Verrucaria table was printed in the LGB&I and the complete table is supplied here. The 'Corrections, notes and observations' is a longer document, regularly updated by Mark Powell, and any corrections or additions to this should be sent to him.