Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. vexillifera

Authority:(Nyl.) D. Hawksw. (1970)
BLS Number: 42
Is this the current name of the taxon?: Y
Current Taxon Name: Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. vexillifera
Synonyms: Alectoria ochroleuca auct. p.p. Alectoria ochroleuca var. cincinnata Alectoria vexillifera
Component Taxa of Aggregate:
Conservation Evaluation: LC NS
BLS Name (hashed):Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. vexillifera
BLS Abbreviation: Alec sarm vexi
Taxonomic Rank:Subspecies
Comments: Often mistakenly reported as A. ochroleuca, especially outside the Cairngorm Region