Membership of the British Lichen Society totals about 650 and is international, comprising both professional and amateur lichenologists. Interests are diverse and include taxonomy, molecular biology, ecology and record-keeping, and embrace the broader natural environment. Our activities are documented in the Bulletin and The Lichenologist. Field meetings, courses and lectures enable all to meet and share knowledge and enjoyment of lichens.



The current officers of the society are listed here.



From time to time we recognise the outstanding contribution made to lichenology or to the work of the Society by awarding Honorary Membership or the Ursula Duncan Award. Honorary membership is restricted to no more than 2.5% of our members, and is given to distinguished lichenologists from Britain or overseas. The Ursula Duncan award is made to those who have rendered outstanding service to the Society.


Honorary Members

Teuvo Ahti

André Aptroot

Sharni Dhar Awasthi *

Frank Brightman *

Dennis Brown

Brian Coppins

Peter Crittenden

Gunnar Degelius *

Frank Dobson

Jack Elix

Oliver Gilbert *

David Hawksworth

Peter James *

Per Magnus Jørgensen

Otto Lange *

Jack Laundon *

Ivan (Elke) Mackenzie Lamb *

Josef Poelt *

Francis Rose *

Rolf Santesson *

Mark Seaward

David Smith

Dougal Swinscow *

Antonin Vězda *

Arthur Wade *

Pat Wolseley

    (* deceased)


Ursula Duncan awards

Ishpi Blatchley

Tony Braithwaite *

Tom Chester *

Brian Coppins

Sandy Coppins

Frank Dobson

Bryan Edwards

Tony Fletcher

Oliver Gilbert *

Jeremy Gray *

David Hill

Barbara Hilton

Chris Hitch

Peter James *

Jack Laundon *

David Richardson

Francis Rose *

Mark Seaward

Janet Simkin

John Skinner

Ray Woods

    (* deceased)


Past Presidents

2016-2018 Allan Pentecost

2014-2016 Janet Simkin

2012-2014 Barbara Hilton

2010-2012 Stephen Ward

2008-2010 Peter Lambley

2006-2008 Pat Wolseley

2004-2006 David Hill

2002-2004 Sandy Coppins

2000-2002 Tony Fletcher

1998-2000 Peter Crittenden

1996-1998 Ray Woods

1994-1996 Brian Fox *

1992-1994 Frank Dobson

1990-1992 David Richardson

    (* deceased)